August 20 – Repulse Bay (The End)

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No doubt two long days, but they have arrived.

August 17

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August 14 & 15

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Susan left a message and said they have been hung up by bad weather and tides. They hope to make some progress soon!

August 7

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Looks like they haven’t made any progress since yesterday. Susan left a message on Sunday saying they are dealing with a lot of ice and fluctuating tides. They hoped it would clear soon, so perhaps windy weather? Summer is certainly dying slipping away up there.

August 3

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August 2

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Susan called last night asking for an ice report. It has been quite cold and there is heavy ice along the shore. They are still pulling or using leads.

I checked the ice report, and it seems that it should be broken up to the south of the small peninsula they are on.

At Clouston Points the ice had completely pushed against the shore making further progress impossible.  They waited until the high high tide at 2 am and were able to paddle for about 5 kms along the shoreline before being stopped once again. They decided to return to Clouston Points and begin portaging to Keith Bay, about 20 kms away.

August 1 Clouston Points

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