2007 – Yellowknife to Chesterfield Inlet

In 2007, Chris and Bob were joined by Bob’s daughter, Susan. Beginning in mid-June, just as soon as the ice began to break up, they kayaked from Yellowknife to its eastern arm, passing Fort Reliancealong the way. Fort Reliance was originally built by George Back during the Arctic Land Expedition and later rebuilt and used by trappers. They crossed over to Artillery Lake via the famous Pikes’ portage, then followed the Hanbury River, portaging around beautiful waterfalls, rapids and canyons (most notably, the beautiful Dickson Canyon), to the Thelon River. Passing the remains of John Hornby’s cabin, they followed the leisurely pace of the river, no longer concerned by having to make long portages. They kayaked past the community of Baker Lake and continued on to Chesterfield Inlet and the small hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet on Hudson Bay, where they left their kayaks (58 days, 1650 kms).

2 Responses to “2007 – Yellowknife to Chesterfield Inlet”

  1. I will try the same route this year. Any help welcome.Please contact me.

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