Only 5 more days in Victoria

I will be heading back to Calgary in only 5 days! Bob and Chris are already busy buying massive amounts of dried food (pasta, lentils) and snacks, and I am sure the dehydrators are now going a full 24 hours a day. I am sorry I can’t be there to help right now, but, yes, I must write one more paper for school in these precious last 5 days, so until Friday, I will be in the UVic library. The life of a grad student…

There will still be lots of last minute preparations to do in Calgary when I arrive! Right now, I am deciding on a a sleeping pad (which will inevitably be bought last minute). Mine (which I got for $5 at a MEC gear swap) has lasted me 5 years or so, but there is now a hole which refuses to be patched. I have spent the last few bike trips around the Gulf Islands waking up on the ground, mattress completely deflated, then soaping the pad and patching the tiny holes while on ferries hopping to new islands, just to wake up to a deflated mattress again the next night. After sleeping on it for a good minimum 60 days every summer, and then a few more times during the year, I can confidently say, I got my moneys worth out of it. Last year, two members had those thick summer mattresses being sold now-a-days, but the repeated folding of the corners due to their thickness quickly wore a hole into the fabric. I went into MEC, and saw that the design has been changed this year so maybe that will be avoided, but I am not sure I want to risk it and end up on the ground! Only a couple more weeks to be indecisive though!

Anyway, better get back to babbling Bai baby vocalizations! Here is a photo of what I figure the house looks like (well minus the food being bagged, imagine this, but food still in the original bags):Image

Me and Eric in 2011, rocking the bag hat fashion, with a box of GORPcac… (Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts chocolate almonds candies….)

~ by needsmoarmeat on June 11, 2012.

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