Up, up and away!

… to the north! Chris is coming bright and early tomorrow to pick us up from our house in Calgary and we will drive up to Yellowknife (usually we take 1.5 days to drive to YK). All our food has been packed up and sent on a truck earlier this week — 11 apple boxes full — I have no clue how we will get it all in three double kayaks! Although we did manage last year and the trip was about 15-20 days longer! Since we carry all our food and have no food drops, usually the boats are pretty full for the first few weeks. We have two extra cockpits which increase the carrying capacity, yet last year, when we started out, all 6 cockpits were full. Luckily we were pulling on ice for longer than we expected, or we wouldn’t have fit in the boats! I guess we will find out soon enough! 

When we are on trip we carry a spot device, as well as an older satellite phone, from which we can make calls, and receive text messages, but can not send out text messages. We don’t have the technology to blog while on trip, but Eric will be updating the blog periodically with our Spot location. So do check back and see where we are!! 

Take care! Have a great summer!


~ by needsmoarmeat on June 22, 2012.

One Response to “Up, up and away!”

  1. And the GREAT adventure continues…..I love this picture of you susan !! Be safe and will be reading all your updates..xoxoxoxox

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