July 30 – update

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Bob called Linda and reported that with the terrain of the land, the cold(~4c) and the ice they feel like they are on the moon. They had great traveling yesterday with the sails up. But it only lasted a short while and they found ice again. They sometimes find a channel through, but it has not be easy or quick. They are stuck for a few days now with so much ice, rain and wind, and needing to catch high and high high tides to keep moving. They sometimes wonder if they’ll be able to keeping moving, but are hopeful that things will “break” and they ‘ll be able to move fast again.

They’ve seen a few sand pipers, one caribou and have had foxes check out their camp while they sleep — they’ve tripped the electric fence alarm a couple times.


July 29

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Looks like they got caught up at the point yesterday, but made it up today with ~45km!

July 28 Cape Chapman

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Ice conditions have made it impossible to move.  They made an attempt but were forced back onto land less than a km from their previous campsite.  They will have to wait for a favourable tide to create an opening in the ice and allow them to round the Cape.

July 27 Cape Chapman

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Dangerous ice conditions forced the group ashore and prevented them from rounding Cape Chapman.

July 26 camp and photos

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Sandy Briggs sent me a few more photos from his time up there! Enjoy!

July 25

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July 24 – Kugaaruk

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Just got off the phone with Susan!

They weren’t able to leave today due to high winds. In the early morning the winds got up to ~40 knots (~75 km/h). They were invited to stay in a house so they broke camp, which was quite difficult. At one point Susan laid flat on the dismantled tent to keep it down. A gust of wind entered the front and lifted her off the ground and rolled her off the tent!. Bob also enjoyed chasing his Thermarest down the beach after the wind moved a giant anchor rock that was holding it down!

They plan to head off tomorrow.