July 23 – Photos & news!

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Sandy flew out and I met him over the weekend in Yellowknife. He brought some extra gear with him and a photo card from Susan!
I talked with Susan a couple times over the weekend. They have been organizing themselves in Kugaaruk. They are planning on dead heading a kayak to Yellowknife tomorrow and then continuing on their way.

July 20 – Kugaaruk Camp

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July 8th: more news

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Linda talked to Bob earlier.

“They were cautiously watching a female bear with 2 yearlings about 2 km away and are hoping they stay away. That will make five bears that they’ve seen. The bears were quite beautiful with the low sun shining on them he said. The weather has been good, but with all the ice it has been a difficult trip so far. Today was especially challenging — they had to do technical lining of the boats from a bank of cliffs, maneuvering the boats through ice.”

July 7th: Talked to Susan

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Susan called this evening. They were having a rest day.

As figured, there is a tonne of ice. They have been pulling since they got to the coast. The lakes are partly open, but the ocean is still solid. They are finding some leads to paddle in, but the going is a bit slow.

The locals said that Kugaaruk (Pelly Bay) is already open. So hopefully they will find some open water soon!

They have seen one polar bear, 100s of caribou every day, and a whack of seals.

July 3rd camp

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Another ~15km day.

July 2nd Camp

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I would guess that they are probably pulling the kayaks over the ice, doing a 12-15km day. Probably some break-up occurring, but I would bet that there is still a lot of ice in Pelly Bay.

Leaving Taloyoak … tomorrow!

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Apparently Sandy’s flight to Taloyoak was delayed by a day. They hope to start off tomorrow morning in what will be a series of portages and lake crossings.

The ocean and lakes are still frozen. The ocean ice is being driven on by the locals, so it is probably still thick. I am unsure as to how the lake ice is. Hopefully they will be able to paddle along the shore or through some leads in order to cross the peninsula.

I will be uploading daily SPOT maps of their camp location! -Eric